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Lots of our clients know that we offer payroll services but if you don’t receive your payroll services from us, you may not yet know the full range of solutions that we can offer.

For example, you may be unaware that we provide an industry leading employee and employer online portal, API links to accountancy software and we can assist you with  pay rolling benefits through our software.

Recently we have partnered with a well-known HR provider, so we can now provide links to a comprehensive HR and health and Safety solution for our clients. Please read out health and safety blog for more information on this exciting development.

For those of you that are not currently using our payroll services, here are some of the ways, in additional to running your payroll, that we can assist our clients.  It certainly helps us stand out from the crowd, and allows you to benefit from the additional support we can offer:

Online portal for employees’ payslips, payroll documents and forms

  • This provides a professional solution for employees to access their payroll documentation online. The portal is GDPR compliant, efficient, environmentally friendly and easy to use.
  • The employee self-service application in the portal allows employees to update their address and basic information directly, taking out the admin for employers.
  • The portal also has a dedicated employer section, providing up to date payroll information and reporting whenever and wherever you need it.

Employer dashboard | dhpayroll services






Pay rolling benefits

We can help set up and manage the pay rolling of employee benefits, removing the requirement to file a P11d at the end f the tax year.  This means that employees pay the correct tax throughout the tax year, and prevents any nasty surprises for your employees when the P11d’s are filed in July.

Whilst a P11db is still due, we can also assist with this, and provide all employee statements required.

Employers NIC’s are not due until the P11db is filed, so this would not effect your business cash flow.  Please ask the payroll team about these services and we would be happy to talk you through it.


Pension Administration

As well as managing the pension deductions from the salaries, we are also able to provide:

  • Employee enrolments and re-enrolments into the scheme
  • Pension Loads directly to your pension provider.
  • Pension letters and reports
  • Pension scheme maintenance and auditing forms
  • Pension regulator Declarations of compliance


TH pensions regulator
Logo of the pensions regulator





Payroll Journal Integration with Accounting Packages

With our new payroll software, we are able to set up and provide API integration with a number of accounting packages, including XERO, Sage, Business Cloud Accounting, QuickBooks online and many more.  This allows us to send the payroll journal directly to the accounts software from the payroll system, saving time and removing the element of human error.

For a relatively small fee, we will map over the data that you want to include in your journals, and upload the monthly reports directly into your own accounts package. Yet another helping hand for all our employers.

Payroll Journal Integration with Accounting Packages






To find out more about any of our payroll services, or for information on our HR and health and safety partners please contact the payroll team on 0203 832 9210.


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