Auto Enrolment

Auto-Enrolment Services for Pension schemes

Workplace Pensions, also known as Auto Enrolment, is a government-mandated programme that requires all employers to set up a voluntary pension plan for their workers. You’ll have to analyze the workers every time they get paid, and if they meet the requirements, you’ll have to enrol them in the company pension.

To stay in compliance with the law, you’ll still have to make pension payments on their behalf and keep certain documentation.

We are pleased to provide the following services as part of our full Auto Enrolment solution to help you fulfil your obligations and relieve the regulatory burden:

Develop a pension plan that is suitable for you
  • We are pleased to assist you in setting up the scheme once you have selected a provider.
Employees’ communication
  • Numerous Auto Enrolment schemes are handled through online software platforms that tackle the automatic generation of statutory communications to your employees. We will be able to outline the required statutory communications or if you prefer we are able to provide you directly with the statutory communications you will need for your employees.
Ongoing administration
  • There are ongoing responsibilities to assess and report information to employees, the pension provider and The Pensions Regulator. These responsibilities can be covered by ourselves, and the pension provider.
  • We will be able to advise you of the required pension deductions and subsequent payment to the pension provider, as well as file the necessary paperwork with the pension provider for all of this deduction and other standing employee data, liberating you of this burden.
If you had like us to contact you to answer any further queries you may have, or to arrange a no obligation initial meeting, please contact us.

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Cost effective simple pricing

With 1 People in your company, dh Payroll is only £20 per month.

if your payroll is non monthly or you have more than 100 employees please contact us for further information’