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Recruitment Agency Payroll


Why Recruitment Agency Payroll Is Complicated?

Managing payroll on your own can be a huge task for a recruitment company. For starters, you would have to spend a lot of time maintaining high volumes of records and ensuring the salaries are on time. This can stop you from performing core business operations and thus, might affect the quality of services you assure. 

Here are some reasons why recruitment agency payroll can be a complicated task for recruitment agencies and chartered institutes:

  • High Staff Turnover

A high staff turnover can be a challenge for many companies. With permanent and temporary vacancies to fill, you would need to then hire someone to manage the payroll which would be a large cost to the business.

From recruiting the next best talent to ensuring the new employee settles well, there’s a lot to consider when a company has high staff turnover rates and vacant job positions.

However, one thing that is affected the most is the payroll process. If your recruitment agency is working with a client with high staff turnover, you would have to give additional efforts to double-check everything, including finance, clients and candidates, and keep the backup up-to-date. Moreover, the businesses might also be working with contract employees, further complicating the matter.

  • Large Volumes of Temporary Workers

As stated above, the trend of hiring part-time or temporary workers is getting pretty common. But, with it, comes specific issues. If you are managing payroll for a large volume of temporary workers or weekly employees, you would have to consider everything from the hours worked to their individual pay. Moreover, the pay might also differ depending upon the projects they are working on. 

  • Incredibly Tight Timescales

Payroll has always been a time-sensitive matter. And, not adhering to these strict time crunches could cost you employees and clients. Plus, you would have to spend a lot of time and effort to ensure everything is met on time. 

  • Limited Employee Information

Not having enough information about an employee can be one of the major obstacles to a smooth payroll. Having a clear process for onboarding candidates is key to making sure the correct information is obtained from each employee.

Benefits Of Using Outsourced Payroll Services for Your Recruitment Agency

Outsourcing your recruitment payroll needs can be a great choice if you want to streamline the entire process. In addition to saving you from the headache, you would be able to dedicate your efforts to benefit actual business operations.  The provide can assist you with new starter process, provide templates and manage the deadlines.

Here are some reasons why outsourcing payroll services for a recruitment company is an ideal option: 

Reduced Time And Money

If you go for in-house pay and bill processing, you would most likely spend large amounts of valuable resources and time on something that could be outsourced. 

Outsourcing payroll would allow you and your staff to dedicate their time to the core operations, thus helping your business grow. Moreover, handling payroll on your own would mean chances of more errors. If you hire professionals, they would most likely make fewer errors and benefit the company. 

No Space For Mistakes

No matter how hard you try, if you go for manual payrolling, you would have to spend a lot of time identifying and rectifying the errors you caused. Rather, outsourcing recruitment payrolls will get you in touch with the professionals who would ensure minimum errors for clients and candidates payrolls. 

100% Compliance

Paying on time is not the only important thing about payrolls. You would also have to be compliant with all the laws. If you outsource your payroll needs, the payroll professionals would be in constant touch with any new legislation, thus ensuring any changes that might have affected the payroll otherwise. 

Reduced Burden

Outsourcing this need allows your team to actually spend quality time on something that matters for your business. Rather than spending endless hours on managing the information and paying on time, your team would now contribute efficiently to your company’s values. 

Why Choose Dhpayroll?

Reduce your recruitment agency payroll stress with DH Payroll. With over 30 years of experience, we have dedicated professionals who ensure timely payroll service, providing cost effective solutions for all our clients. Serving in Surrey, London and all across the UK, we offer highly secure and compliant payroll services with an ability to access secure online payslips, reports, pension auto-enrolment support, taxation, bookkeeping and accounting services at no hidden costs, making us the perfect option for a recruitment business We charge competitive fees for an excellent service for  all companies in both the private and public.




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