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Electronic Payslips

Business activities, and specifically financial operations, are increasingly becoming digitised. In light of this, an increasing number of employers are switching to the usage of online or electronic payslips, in a bid to make things easier for the business, payroll team and employees alike.

 Electronic Payslips

It’s crucial to note that as a business, you can save money, and time by providing online solutions for your employees.  

Electronic payslips or an e pay slip solution save postage and printing costs, increase security and save time in distribution and reprinting lost payslips.

With our excellent online payroll processing for small businesses that includes electronic payslips, dhPayroll enables you to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your business procedures.

What Are Online Payslips?

As you may infer from the name, electronic payslips are simply an electronic counterpart of the traditional paper payslips. They combine the reassurance of traditional paper payslips with the ease of access of contemporary technologies. This indicates that they have the same content as traditional paper payslips but are available online.

Electronic Online Payslips

These electronic payslips, also known as online payslips or ePayslips, are hosted on the cloud. Electronic payslips save time and money for the administration. Furthermore, these are preferable for employees who need to see their payslips on a regular basis.

One key advantage of online payslips is that employees may retrieve and view them whenever they require, on their desktop or mobile devices. Either a secure website or an app tailored to your company’s needs might be used for this.

Aside from establishing you as a cutting-edge company, switching to electronic payslips has real advantages for both businesses and employees. As a result of the numerous advantages they provide for both businesses and employees, they are growing in popularity in the UK.

In payroll  and HR systems, electronic payslips are a crucial component of employee self service. Employees value the advantages of having immediate access to their pay records online in addition to how much easier it makes life for HR and payroll teams.

They offer organisations a safe and effective means of managing employee payroll data. Additionally, they simplify the process of giving out payslips and give workers immediate access to their pay records.

After logging in to the appropriate platform, employees can view their payroll data for the most recent and preceding payroll cycles, as well as any adjustments/deductions that have been made, by using online payslips. In order to keep a copy for themselves, they can even download or print their online payslip.

Numerous payroll software programmes and payroll service providers offer electronic payslips, but dhPayroll stands out as one of the best.

Reasons You Should Consider Using Online Payslips

  • Better Security

Security of Payslip Data

Electronic payslips place a premium on the security of payslip data. It’s imperative that you eliminate any chance of payslips falling into the wrong hands because they include crucial personal and financial details. The security of your employees’ data is ensured by using an e payslip UK solution.

At dhPayroll, we deliver a range of electronic payslips using our PayDashboard and Connects platforms. Employers and employees can use the digital payslip experience provided by Paydashboard and Connects, that are a fully interactive online payroll platforms.

Every time data is transported to or from the online payslip service provided by dhPayroll, the protocol is “https,” which means the data is encrypted and hence unusable for cybercriminals.

  • Enhanced Convenience

Enhanced Payslips Convenience

It’s crucial to your employees to be able to obtain payslips promptly when making mortgage applications, making a vital financial decision, or coming up with a plan for life events.

Make it possible for your employees to access their payroll information whenever they want, 24/7, through their smartphones or other mobile devices. Regardless of whether it’s past or present month’s salary.

In other words, employees who don’t work at a desk, including those who work in the field, retail operations, or warehouses can access their payslip from their smartphone without any need for other hardware resources.

  • Easy Access

Employees Use Online PayDashboard

Employees can use our self-service system to download, digitally send, and print previous payslips to facilitate their documentation requirements for real world applications such as loans, renting properties, etc., among other things.

Your employees can use PayDashboard and / or Connects  at any time of the day, all 365 days of the year to access their payslips, whether they need to do it online or from a mobile device. For the ever-expanding remote workforce, this is very helpful.

With the use of these online payslips, business managers can examine and export payroll reports, quickly locate information regarding their employees such as  P11Ds, P60s, and more, and view payslips by pay period, team or individual.

  • Better Productivity

Better Productivity

The traditional paper payslip process is tedious and time-consuming, requiring some companies several crucial office hours each week to complete. This time is dramatically cut to minutes with electronic payslips.

Additionally, your payroll team may focus on the daily tasks without having to spend much time responding to individual employee questions about lost payroll documents and payslips.


Cost Effective

UK Currency

Payslip distribution at locations across the UK or to employee residences is generally quite expensive. The average cost for each employee each month for these expenses is around £1. Electronic payslips are accessible online, so you don’t have to print or mail them to employees, saving you money on postage, printing and paper.

The bottom line is that switching to electronic payslip solutions is an easy, affordable process. Savings are also realised in the time required to issue paper payslips and to procure replacements when employees misplace them.

Online Payslips Vs Paper Payslips

Online Payslips Vs Paper Payslips

There is no denying the significance of payslips, as companies are required to give employees payslips to show a breakdown of their compensation. However, consider a manual procedure where paper payslips must be produced through printing, folded, placed inside envelopes, sealed, and the addresses of the recipients must be written on all the envelopes before they can be delivered via post.

Consider the situation from the perspective of an employee, who would have to keep handwritten payslips or go to payroll repeatedly for copies if they lost the originals. Additionally, paper payslips won’t endure very long because they have a tendency to fade or be lost over time.

Furthermore, there is no assurance that the correct payslips have been delivered to the appropriate employee because errors could occur at either the payroll or courier ends of the process. Again, all of this entails expense and a significant amount of work on the payroll department’s behalf. In terms of security and privacy, traditional paper payslips also present a significant danger.

Modern payroll software, like the one we at dhPayroll provide, support employee self-service portals where the payroll department only provides electronic payslips on a monthly basis and employees can independently examine it at any time.

Data privacy and confidentiality are always upheld because the portal allows each employee to independently view payroll information securely. Employees can print their electronic payslip, email it, or simply store it for any potential future references. Other than being cost-effective and secure, as discussed already, distributing electronic payslips over paper payslips has various other advantages as well, such as:

They are Environmentally Friendly

green credentials

As businesses of all sizes and across all industries seek to strengthen their green credentials, switching to electronic means enables them to cut back on paper usage. Because there is no need for printing with electronic payslips, your company will use less paper and ink, helping you achieve your environmental and sustainability goals.

This move towards “becoming greener” will be welcomed by the personnel who care about the environment. Employees who desire to work for organisations that practise more sustainable business practises may be inspired and motivated by this.

Additionally, it can have a comparable impact on your company’s profile as more consumers today show an interest in the environmental credentials of the businesses with whom they do business.

Centralised Storage of All Documents: Better Employee Experience

Centralised Storage

Employees are required to maintain and store paper payslips in a secure location, but they frequently go missing. Employees won’t have to worry about looking for a lost payslip any more if electronic payslips are delivered through a secure web gateway where all current and historical documents are stored.

That means the employee has one less issue to deal with and your team has to field fewer phone calls requesting lost payslips. Additionally, using an online portal enables you to consolidate all employee documentation, including payslips, into a one, safe location. For instance:

  • Company policy documents
  • P60s
  • P11Ds
  • Reward statements
  • P45s

HMRC Compliance: Do Electronic Payslips Have It?

Written Itemised Pay Statement from Their Employer

Each employee has the right to receive a written itemised pay statement from their employer at or before the time that any payment of wages or salary is paid to them, according to the Employment Rights Act of 1996. Since there is no requirement that this be printed, using an electronic version as long as it is legible is completely acceptable.

In fact, HMRC accepts electronic payslips without hesitation, and since 2011, it has also permitted the issuance of online electronic P60s. Moreover, employees have no problems because banks and other financial organisations accept electronic data, just like HMRC does.

⇒ Improvement in Delivery and Communication

There is always a potential that paper slips will accumulate at the HR office and wait to be sent, regardless of how excellent your financial department is. Employees cannot pick up their paper slips if the finance or HR staff are not around.

Online payslips typically arrive via email or app notification, ensuring that the employee receives them on schedule. Additionally, you may include messages in the delivery alerting the employees about modifications to the pay information and other reminders.

Benefits of Using Online Payslips

Already having discussed the various benefits of payslips, let’s group them based on their impact on organisations and employees.

⇒ E Pay Slip Benefits for Organisation

E pay slips have a number of benefits for organisations, including but not restricted to:

  • Costs can be cut by avoiding mailing, printing, and processing. E pay slips are accessible online, so there’s no need to print or mail them to employees, which saves money on paper and postage.
  • It is an environmentally friendly approach because it lowers an organisation’s carbon impact. This move towards “becoming greener” is welcomed by environmentally conscientious employees and clients.
  • They are quick and simple to set up with dhPayroll’s payroll 
  • Pay data security gets improved with e pay slips, as they comply with UK data protection laws and industry-standard SSL authentication.
  • E pay slips are accessible to employees at any time, from any location, with the use of internet connectivity.

 E Pay Slip Benefits for Organisation


⇒ E Pay Slip Benefits for Employees

E pay slips also offer a variety of benefits for employees, including but not limited to:

  • Information about remuneration is delivered more quickly.
  • Access to current and all the previous payslips and pay information at any time, any
  • E pay slips can be printed and reprinted by employees whenever they require them.
  • Depending on the employee’s convenience and needs, e pay slips can be accessed by smartphone or any other mobile device.
  • The method through which employees obtain their pay information is more environmentally friendly, enabling them to support environmental policies.


Why choose Dhpayroll Electronic Payslips in UK?

dhPayroll is a specialised payroll bureau that offers top-notch professional payroll services to the Direct Payments industry as well as the small and medium-sized enterprises in the UK.

As one of the UK’s most seasoned payroll service providers, we help small businesses effectively handle their payroll.

Additionally, employing the most recent technology, we offer a variety of bookkeeping, accounting, and tax services as well as comprehensive, affordable online options for outsourced services. Our Electronic Payslips are a part of the extensive payroll services we provide.

The PayDashboard and Connects epayslip solutions, a provide a choice of  interactive, digital payslip platforms, ito best suit your business and employees. It allows you to give your employees online payslips in the simplest way imaginable.

You can use the platforms in conjunction with the payroll services we offer and take advantage of the ease it provides. You may guarantee transparency at work by utilising the dashboard’s user-friendly layout to increase employee involvement in payroll processing.

Employers may use the platforms  to instantly obtain sophisticated insights to manage and analyse their company payroll, and employees gain access to simple financial education on everyday topics like tax codes, allowances, and typical PAYE questions.

By choosing us, you can do away with the inconveniences of manually keeping track of the payslips or sending them through emails because the payslips are automatically maintained in a digital space that can be viewed at any time and from any location.

When you join forces with us for our electronic payslips service, you can be confident that all of your payroll needs will be taken care of, freeing you from having to deal with non-core tasks and allowing you to concentrate on the expansion of your business.



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