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Nanny Payroll Services UK

Are you wondering why you need a Nanny Payroll service? Aren’t payroll services for businesses? To put it simply, the reason for hiring a payroll service for home care workers is not that different. Businesses often involve  payroll services to save time and make payroll easier. Similarly, you can avoid the stress of calculating wages and paying your nanny on time by handing the payroll to dhpayroll.

If you have hired a nanny, it’s likely because you’re extremely busy and need some extra help. But it becomes counterproductive if you have to spend your free time figuring out their wages and filing taxes. dhPayroll is pleased to take nanny payroll off your plate.

Here Are Some Ways Nanny Payroll Services Can Be Beneficial for You

Peace of mind 

We can take away the stress and worry of running your own PAYE scheme and support you throughout. We can also provide a self-assessment service for child-minders and self-employed nannies, click here for more information.

Time-Saving & Convenient

Managing a payroll for a Nanny takes the same amount of time and skill as it would if you were running a business. This therefore adds another duty, to you as an employer, that can be very time consuming.  Moreover, you may not have the necessary knowledge to process the payroll, which will make the task even more challenging. Take the guesswork out of nanny payroll by hiring dhPayroll.

Just paying your employees wages is not the only concern; You also have to take care of PAYE obligations and submissions, produce P60’s and P45’s as required and other duties such as Auto enrolment pension. Instead of stressing over all these requirements, allow our experts to manage your nanny payroll.

Minimise Risks

PAYE laws and other legal obligations are complicated. If you have filed taxes before, you know how complex they can be. Without the right tools or knowledge, you may end up making mistakes. Such errors can have financial or legal consequences for both you and your nanny. The good news is that our professional team is familiar with the finer details of these obligations.


Outsourcing nanny payroll to an external expert is much more affordable than doing it yourself. At dhPayroll, we have services starting from £12.66 per month (excluding VAT).

Valuable for Your Nanny

Nanny payroll services are not just useful for you but can also help your nanny. Rather than keeping manual records of payments, your nanny will get weekly or monthly online payslips.

Boost a Positive Relationship

Your nanny has personal bills, expenses and responsibilities. As an employer, it would be unfair to delay their wages because you were too busy to manage payroll. The benefits of hiring a nanny payroll service go beyond just managing financial records and tax compliance.

It’s no secret that finding a good nanny is hard. By ensuring your nanny is paid accurately and on time, you can boost a positive and long-lasting relationship.

It’s also important to note that paying nannies or household help ‘under the table’ or ‘cash in hand’ is illegal. You may think that you will save on tax and National insurance, but this practice can land you in serious trouble. We are here to assist with all of the processing of the payroll services in a professional, legal and cost effective way.

Why use dhpayroll?

The dhpayroll team are experienced at providing an efficient and cost effective payroll solution for various sectors and our Nanny Payroll Services no different. Using our payroll service can reduce some of the concerns you might have about employing your own staff. We will ensure that your employees are paid accurately and on time, with the right amount of Tax and National insurance deducted

Additional Benefits Of Using DHpayroll

We are able to provide access to a free online portal, where all of your payrolls to date will be available 24/7. This means that you can conveniently share payslips with your employee and always have access to your documents online.  We are also able to post your documents directly to you each month, for a small fee.

We have linked up with Mark Bates Ltd who offer a wide range of insurance cover for both you and your nanny. Their insurance policies include:

  • Public Liability
  • Personal Accident
  • Loss of damage
  • Legal Expenses
  • 24 hour helpline

Click the link below:

Mark Bates Ltd | Nanny Insurance


How Does It Work?

  • When you have a new employee, you will complete a ‘new employee PAS starter form’
  • You will need to inform us of the hours worked by your employee by email or telephone by the 20th of each month. If your Nanny will be working the same hours each month, we will be able to set them up as a ‘static’ employee. This means that you will only need to contact us regarding the hours, if there are any changes and the deadline for this is the 9th of the month.
  • Each month, we require you to keep us informed of your current situation, for example, if you have no employees, so that we can process the relevant HM Revenue and Customs returns.
  • We will prepare payslips for each of your employees, which you will have access via the free online portal – Paydashboard.
  • Should the need arise, we can calculate any overtime, bonus or Statutory sick pay. If a staff members leaves, we will also issue a P45.
  • Each month, along with the employees pay slips, you will receive a ‘wages book‘. The wages book will summarise the amounts paid and the Tax and National insurance deductions for you to keep for your records.
  • Every 3 months, you will get a ‘monthly summary‘ and a PAYE letter, detailing the amounts that will need to be paid to HM Revenue and Customs. This will also provide the details of how to make the payment.
  • We will invoice you quarterly for our services (March, June, September and December).
  • At the end of each financial year we will complete your final FPS return to HMRC and send you P60 forms (certificate of annual earnings) which will need to be distributed to employees.

For more information or to chat through how we can best support you, please contact us.





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