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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have recently started a new business. Can you help me through the process of getting a payroll started?

Yes, please give one of our team members a call. We will take the necessary information and contact HMRC to setup the payroll scheme. We will also talk you through how the process works and what information you need to provide each pay

Q. How do I transfer my payroll to dh Payroll?

Transferring to dh Payroll is simple and we take on as much of the process as we can, see here for details.

Q. What if I have a problem or query?

If you have any questions or queries with our payroll, then please call or Email our office where your query will be directed to one of our experienced team members who will be able assist you.

Q. Is there a minimum contract period?

We do not impose a minimum contract period, as we are confident in the quality of our service.

Q. I want to pay my employees by BACS. Can I do this?

Yes, we are a BACS approved bureau. Once we have registered your bank details with our Bureau through BACS, we will be able to make payments to employees electronically

Q. How secure is my data?

All of our systems are multi-level password protected and our data is securely encrypted. Our servers are backed up daily, with backups being securely stored offsite.

Q. What is Online In Year Filing?

Online in year filing is now mandatory for nearly all payrolls. This is where we advise HMRC on your behalf of any P45s issued and of all your new starters. This saves you the time of sending off the employer’s copy of the P45s/P46s.

Q. Can I have extra copies of P60s?

Yes. We can provide additional copies marked as “Duplicate” to comply with HMRC rules. These will be provided electronically as a PDF file. Alternatively, if you use our ePayslip service, your P60 will be securely store online meaning you have access to it and able to print copies whenever you want.





1. Register

Contact us

2. Input

Input payroll information online

3. Done

Done! Payslips and reports are output to your secure online system. Simple!





Auto Enrolment

Secure Online Payslips and Reports

Payroll & Payments Services

Outsourced Services






Online payslips - a simple and innovative way to provide your staff with a convenient way to access their own payslips



We upload and download all files securely through https - secure encrypted data transfer.

Unique Access

Unique Access

Secure data is only accessible by each employee with their own unique log in.

Education (1)


Educate all your employees with simple financial guidance material, on such key issues as tax code changes and claiming tax deductible expenses.

Stay in Control

Stay in Control

Clear summaries and analysis of your payroll costs on an simple to understand dashboard accessible from your computer, phone or tablet.



A modern way to communicate securely with payroll information across your organisation, and have data at your fingertips anywhere 24-7.

Professional Service

Professional Service

Experienced, qualified payroll professionals, happy to help you with all your payroll needs

Fast Turnaround

Fast Turnaround

Your payroll is processed quickly and efficiently, and reports uploaded for you and your employees to view immediately on processing.