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Company Payroll


Our Company Payroll Services are designed to make life as easy as it can be for you in processing your payroll. We can provide flexible solutions for you and the use of online forms to submit data to us can not only make turnaround times super quick, but also eliminate risk of keying errors. Of course our team are highly skilled professionals and our staff are able to focus their time and attention on advising you, dealing with your queries and making sure that everything about our service is first class. At the same time we will be keeping your payroll costs to a minimum.

Your employees will be happier than ever. Online payslips will mean that they have a historical secure record of their pay history. No more wasting time for the HR department supplying duplicate information! The payslips are also interactive and explain tax codes and other information to the employee. Not only this but a rewards system gives employees access to high street discounts – all this within our highly competitive prices gives exceptional value!

Payroll Outsourcing has never been so simple. Why not free your internal resources to generate income for your business and leave us to take the headache out of payroll!

Auto enrolment is a necessity for all businesses with employees. Whether you have already staged and need to make sure that matters remain compliant, or need help and guidance on this daunting prospect, our team is here to guide you through the process.

Whether you are a small or medium business, payroll can be a challenge. Even if you have a few employees, you could be wasting precious time trying to process the payroll yourself. There is always the risk of making mistakes. While payroll mistakes are fixable, the repercussions can ripple across your entire organisation.

The Most Common Mistakes Made on Payroll Management are:

Miscalculating Pay

Calculating pay for every employee is a complex process that requires specialist skills and excellent accuracy and attention to detail. An error when calculating pay can lead to over or under payments, both of which are not good for your business.

Payroll mistakes will need to be corrected and adjustments made to make sure that employees are paid correctly. If you have underpaid an employee, it would be best to pay the outstanding amount as soon as possible. Overpaid employees will need to be contacted and a repayment method agreed. That’s why it’s important to get payroll right the first time. Otherwise, it can cause disruption to your business, upset employees and you’ll waste even more time correcting mistakes.

Misclassifying Employees

Every employee in your business may have a unique role and therefore an individual pay scale. To accurately calculate pay, you must be aware of every employee’s benefits and wages. This includes policies such as annual leave, pay increases, bonus schemes and variable hours.

It is not only an inconvenience for your employees if errors are made, but also may also lead to inaccurate payments of PAYE and pension.

Missing Deadlines

Your employees have bills, mortgages and other expenses that cannot be postponed. Failure to pay your employees accurately and on time can severely damage your company’s reputation. This can also be a reason for frustration and dissatisfaction among employees. Since there are so many steps involved in the payroll process, it’s imperative to have a robust system in place. Delaying even a single step can lead to a domino effect of late salary disbursement.

Moreover, you also need to be on top of the PAYE submission and payment deadlines. Missing deadlines can be a costly mistake you don’t want to make. It can lead to paying late fines and penalties.

Not Maintaining Proper Records

Attention to detail is key for ensuring timely and reliable payroll. By law, your organisation is obligated to maintain proper pay records of employees. These records should include wage rates, working hours, payment dates, statutory payments such as SMP, and other relevant information. Maintaining detailed records enables you to streamline your payroll process. These records are also required for running future audits.

Neglecting PAYE and Pension Obligations

Just paying employees the right amount and on time is not the only concern when it comes to payroll. You also have to take care of various PAYE and pension obligations. You will need to send the right tax forms, such as P60s, P45s and P11Ds to employees to meet your employer obligations. You will also need to enrol employees into a qualifying auto enrolment pension scheme and provide the required pension letters to all employees. Not doing so can be inconvenient for your employees and may lead to legal trouble for your business.

Avoid all these potential pitfalls and allow dhPayroll to manage your payroll function. You can rest assured that our professional and friendly payroll team will work tirelessly and meticulously to make sure your payroll runs smoothly, accurately and on time.

The Benefit of Outsourcing Payroll in UK

Free Up Resources

Payroll is a complex function that can take a significant amount of company resources. In particular, if the staff in charge of managing payroll lack the relevant training, payroll can be even more time-consuming. Outsourcing payroll services frees up your resources by allowing employees to focus on other important tasks. Outsourcing is also a useful option if you want to reduce the size of your workforce.


While some companies may be able to appoint an in-house payroll department, it is not financially feasible for most small and medium size businesses. An in-house team has expenses such as hiring and training staff, purchasing and maintaining payroll software as well as having contingency plans to cover absence and holidays. In comparison, it’s a lot more cost-effective to hand over payroll management to an external company.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

It’s no secret that payroll is a complicated process. It’s something you cannot attempt without proper knowledge and the right tools. There’s a lot that can go wrong. Internal or external payroll mistakes can have severe consequences for your company. Failure to pay employees on time can lead to an unhappy workforce. Furthermore, missing HMRC submissions deadlines, failing to correctly manage auto enrolment for your employees and making late payments for PAYE can lead to fines, penalties and possible legal troubles. An external specialist will help your company avoid such costly mistakes.

Timely Services

Payroll management involves a lot of steps. It is critical to carry out every step on time. Otherwise, you’ll end up missing deadlines. You can rely on dhPayroll to process your payroll in a timely manner. Even if you have complex requirements, you can expect fast and accurate turnarounds.

Reliable Services

How many employees will you need to take care of your payroll in-house? Whilst the role may be manageable for one skilled and trained employee, will you have difficulties completing your payroll when they are absent from work (sickness or holiday)? Rather than going through the trouble of training another employee as a contingency plan and have additional salary costs you could outsource your payroll. This will provide you with the benefits of a highly trained team of payroll professionals to run your payroll at any time.

Knowledgeable Experts

Even if you hire a qualified employee to manage your payroll, they will require regular training and development to keep up to date with the changing requirements of the payroll function (furlough was an excellent example of this). Payroll specialists will already be familiar with the ins and outs of payroll management and have regular training and development on payroll developments and changes.

Access to the Latest Technology

Though you can make manual records of payroll, and use basic tools software to submit your payroll to HMRC, it can take significant time and effort. Moreover, manual payroll becomes more complicated as your business grows. In addition to payroll knowledge, having the right technology is crucial for seamless payroll. Payroll service providers give your company access to the latest technology. You and your employees can easily maintain and access records anywhere, anytime.

Scaling Potential

When you’re launching your business, having an in-house payroll team might make sense. But what happens when your organisation grows? You may have to hire and train more employees to keep up with the evolving requirements. Instead, consider outsourcing to a payroll service provider. They can easily scale up their services to meet your growing needs.

Ensure Compliance

Apart from internal payroll policies, your company is also responsible for complying with various tax legislation and financial regulations. You need to be informed about all the legal obligations associated with payroll. If not, your company may end up in legal trouble. That’s why it can be better to engage a payroll service provider.

Hassle-Free Changes

If you need any last-minute changes, you can trust a local payroll provider to quickly implement them.

Why choose dhPayroll for Company Payroll Services?

Extensive Experience

dhPayroll has been in business for over 25 years. We are a specialist payroll bureau with extensive experience. Whether you need services for a small business or a complicated payroll structure, we are the experts for the job. We deliver seamless payroll solutions and ensure compliance with the latest government legislation.

Accurate & On-Time Payroll

When it comes to payroll, accuracy and timeliness are two of the most important factors. We are a team of professionals committed to delivering your payroll accurately and on-time. We work meticulously to ensure your company’s payroll is error-free. We work with our clients to build robust processes to prevent errors and manage workloads. If there are any issues, we are there to assist and to provide a resolution as soon as possible.

Personalized Services

Since no two companies are alike, there cannot be one payroll solution that fits all. Whether you have just 1 employee or you are a growing organisation with 200+ employees, you can rely on us to efficiently manage your payroll. Being a top-rated payroll service provider, we are known for personalizing our services to meet your company’s specific needs.

Easy Access

We provide you and your employees with easy access to payroll information. Employees no longer have to go through the hassle of requesting HR for payslips. With our software, they can access and download their payslips using a unique login ID. Our dashboard is easy to understand and use.

Dedicated Team Contact

When you hire an outsource company, you will want to make sure you have a dedicate team that understands your business and your payroll requirements. A large outsource company is unlikely to be able to provide a bespoke payroll solution and personal service. With dhPayroll, your company will get a dedicated team that knows your payroll, and we will build up an excellent working relationship with you and your business.

Secure Data

Data security is our top priority, we understand the need to keep confidential information safe. With dhPayroll, you can rest assured that your company data and sensitive information are secure. Every file is uploaded and downloaded through secure encrypted data transfer.

Local Knowledge

dhPayroll is the local payroll service provider you can trust. We are knowledgeable about regulations or requirements that are unique to the UK.


The payroll process is quite extensive and involves the need to comply with tax, national insurance and other legal obligations and requirements. Learning about all these regulations takes time. By involving dhPayroll, you can sit back and relax. We ensure that your company meets all the legal obligations associated with payroll.

Competitive Rates

There is no cookie-cutter payroll solution. That’s why dhPayroll doesn’t offer batch pricing. We believe you should only pay for the services you need. We are pleased to offer cost-effective pricing according to your specific needs.





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