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Managed Payroll Services

Managing payroll can perhaps be one of the most challenging tasks for any company. Besides calculating the wages for each employee, you need to be compliant with the latest HMRC regulations, insurance, taxation, and pension requirements. 

What further complicates the matter is if you have temporary employees or a diversified team. Many companies neither have the time to take over this administrative burden nor professional experience to ensure 100% error-free payroll data. 

Going for a payroll managed services can, however, be a deal breaker. Outsourcing this process would give you the extra time to the business to focus on the core business operations and other administrative processes and ensure your employees get timely salaries every time.

So, if you are looking to take a break from this strenuous burden, here’s what you need to know about fully managed payroll services UK and why an outsourcing payroll is a great option.

What is a Managed Payroll Service?

In simpler terms, managed payroll service for external or temporary employees mean you outsource to payroll professionals and their services through a managed services provider (MSP). 

In short, everything from processing the salaries to considering the tax bracket and generating payslips will be conducted by a third-party payroll manager. All you are required to do is provide relevant information about all the employees, including the pay rate and the total number of hours worked. 

Opting for a fully managed payroll services would mean a third party would use payroll software for the following responsibilities:

  • Setting up the system and maintaining employee data
  • Processing  gross wages individually and ensuring all employees are paid correctly
  • Subtracting necessary withholdings like benefits, PAYE or pension
  • Ensuring a proper payroll compliance
  • Generating payslips for all employees
  • Making salary payments via a BACS transfer
  • Maintaining the relevant pay data for all payroll processes
  • Filling remittances to the government that businesses qualify for
  • Preparing all payroll documentation including P45’s, P60s etc.
  • Filling out the necessary paperwork such as SSP1 forms 

The market is loaded with vendors selling managed and outsourcing payroll services. But, to choose the right vendor, you should have to consider certain key factors. 

Technically speaking, payroll service refers to business process outsourcing (BPO). While it means outsourcing to a professional for your payroll needs, things get complicated when you combine management systems with payroll data. Several Human Management technologies like HR software offer different tools for holding payroll information. A managed HR system will  not process your payroll and will require you to extract the information for processing. So, to choose the right vendor, you would need a clear distinction between the preferred technology and the process you want to go for. 

With managed payroll service you would make the entire process easy and streamlined for the HRs and the payroll department. They would be able to combine their resources with payroll experts  and offer proper transparency to the entire payroll process within the business. 

Lastly, to choose the managed payroll provider, you can ask questions like: 

  • Who is responsible for ensuring proper compliance of all the data and the process? 
  • Can they provide an estimated cost?
  • How does the system support compliance? 
  • What’s the downtime for managed payroll reports?
  • Who will be responsible for ensuring the security factor in payroll services?

Our Managed Payroll Services Include

Acting as a specialist payroll bureau, at DH Payroll, we offer streamlined and personalised outsourced payroll solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Besides this, we also offer managed services. Working with a highly professional team behind the screen, we are one of the best payroll providers in the UK to efficiently help you manage your payroll process. 

We provide a range of services, including bookkeeping, accounting, taxation, and perfectly designed online solutions if you want to outsource us for your payroll needs. Our aim is to give you a break from this non-core operation and divert your time, resources, and energy into core business operations. 

Lastly, we offer electronically managed payroll processing software that is extremely easy to navigate and has a personalized touch. We use industry leading  software to process and managed the payrolls.  

Under our company managed payroll services, we offer the following: 

Auto Enrolment

Auto enrolment, or also known as a workplace pension, is a government programme where employers can set up voluntary pension plans for their staff to help them save money. To do this, you would have to analyse that all employees get paid on time and meet all the requirements for the auto-enrolment plan. 

Our auto enrolment solution helps you fulfil this obligation and relieve the burden. We  provide assistance and advice  for all your pension obligations to keep you compliant with Pension Regulator rules. Read the blog to know  about how to manage auto enrolment.

Collaborative Partners

To provide everything in one place, we help you get in touch with the best accountants, business advisors, human resources, and IT experts for CRM, 

HR Services

We can connect you with an outsource HR provide that offers  a  team of remote supporters who will carry out the following responsibilities for medium and small businesses size: 

  • Hiring the best talent
  • Performance management
  • Employee surveys
  • Organisation redesigns
  • Compensations
  • Disciplinary and Grievance 
  • Legal compliance
  • Employee relations
  • Conflict resolution
  • Mergers and acquisition
  • Employee contracts
  • Terminations
  • Training and development  

Pay Dashboard

Our advanced payroll platform provides quick payslips and payroll documents to  your employees in a digital form. It also provides reports and documentation for the employer online, which is available to download and access 24/7. 

Benefits of Using a Fully Managed Payroll Service?

A managed payroll services come with a number of benefits. For starters, you wouldn’t have to spend a fortune on licensing software or hiring payroll employees. Additionally, you would get better peace of mind when you hire an expert who would know exactly how to optimise the payroll process. 

Here are our top 5 benefits of considering managed payroll services. 

  • Compliance Risk Management

There’s no denying that managing payroll is a complex job. You would have to employ an individual (or team of individuals) with the right skills to operate a compliant services and minimise  errors.

A Managed payroll service can provide that  expert team will be able to improve the company’s processes,  data protection, and privacy through guaranteed compliance. 

  • Enhanced Accuracy

Managed payroll services is run by payroll experts that are trained and knowledgeable on all aspects of payroll legislation.  Therefore hiring a managed payroll provider ensures that the workers get their pay accurately calculated,  on time, every time. 

  • Control Costs

Once you hire a payroll outsourcing service, you’ll cut down most of the costs and headaches associated with payroll. Additional costs like payroll software charges, office supplies needed for cheques, and payroll employees would be reduced. 

  • Save Time

Payroll processing is perhaps the most complicated and time-consuming process. It  is a core business requirement, but can slow down other business operations by taking time away from other tasks. Going for managed payroll services and hiring payroll experts would allow the business to focus on the main purpose of the business and help  generate income. Your team would be able to curate more strategic ideas and goals which will help the business grow. 

  • Payroll Continuity

If you go for managed payroll services, your business will  have a clear payroll process  and offer  continuity across your teams l by following a set pay cycle. Payroll specialists will make sure that the wages are dispersed at the right time, and employees can access their automatically generated payslips anytime. 

Let Dhpayroll Manage Your Payroll So You Can Focus On Your Business

Outsourcing your payroll can allow you to focus on the core operations rather than diverting endless resources toward the internal processes. Moreover, you would be able to take a break from this heavy administrative burden and focus on the company’s growth. 

Here’s why choosing DH Payroll’s managed payroll services, UK, is worth it: 

Extensive Experience 

We have been in business for over 30  years. Acting as a specialist payroll bureau, we help small and medium-sized businesses to navigate the complex payroll structure. Our experts  provide streamlined payroll services while keeping the latest government legislations in mind. 

On-Time And Accurate Payroll Services

Because we value time and accuracy in our payroll services, we have a team of professional experts to provide payroll services. We follow robust processes to prevent errors and manage the workload associated with payrolls.  The team are always be here to assist you to deal with issues and find solutions to payroll difficulties.

Personalised Services

Every company and every goal is different. Keeping this in mind, we have made sure that all our services are flexible, and suit our clients payroll requirements.

Through our software, employees can take a break from going through the vigorous process of requesting their payslips.  Instead, they can access our software and download their payslips anytime. Moreover, our dashboard is extremely easy to use and understand. 

Dedicated Support

If you go for outsourced payroll services from a big company, you are less likely to get dedicated support. Our team consists of dedicated professionals who will work with you personally to understand the company and its goals. This will ensure excellent relationships and fruitful collaboration. 

Secure Data

Because we value data security, all our services are designed to keep all confidential information safe. At DH Payroll, we keep your company data safe and ensure no breaches in sensitive information. Our software follows encrypted data transfers. 

Local Knowledge

We are your local payroll service provider that you can trust. Moreover, we keep all the UK regulations and requirements in mind when providing our unique services. 


The payroll process can get more complicated with taxation and constant changes in the current legislation. But, our services help you navigate the red tapes surrounding these legislations and ensure your payrolls stay 100% compliant with all the rules and regulations defined by the Government. With our payroll experts right by your side, you can sit back and relax. 

Competitive Prices

At DH Payroll, our fully managed payroll service does not come with batch pricing. Instead, we consider your needs and prioritise and provide cost-effective solutions accordingly. Our fully-managed payroll cost offers business an affordable solution to their payroll, saving them time and money, and providing compliance to all payroll legislation to give reassurance to the business.

Why not talk to us about our professionally managed payroll service for business? Call us at 0808 501 5036 or request a quotation.




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