Online Payroll Processing and Outsourcing Services

Being a specialist payroll bureau and a fast growing payroll outsourcing company, we have worked with a large number of small and medium sized companies. Having significantly invested in IT as well, we have been able to offer both a cost-effective and efficient service to our clients, as well as enhance the personal and professional relationship that we share with them.

Outsourcing your payroll to an experienced and professional bureau like DH Payroll is much more cost-effective than ever before , not to mention it will guarantee that you will be in accordance with the new PAYE regulations. Not only will this help you save money, but will also ensure some peace of mind as well.

Auto Enrolment:

The government has introduced a legislation that would require all employers to set up a complaint pension scheme for their employers. This is referred to as a Workplace Pension or Auto Enrolment.

About Us:

We are a specialist payroll bureau who have been dealing with small and medium sized companies for over 25 years now. Being one of the payroll outsourcing companies, we provide payroll services for small businesses as well as multinational companies. Subsequently we have gained a great deal of experience during this time and we we specialise in completely understanding what our client is all about.

Fully understanding your needs as a client will also enable us to tailor our services to specifically meet your very own requirements. Doing this in a cost effective way will ensure that the overall approach remains timely, accurate and professional. We handle and organise everything from payroll services cost to payroll service providers to online payroll services uk [United Kingdom]

Our services are spread out all across the U.K. from places like Wimbledon, Richmond, Weybridge, to Kingston, Staines, Esher, Guildford and even Walton-on-Thames.

Other Services:

Report Writing: Using Crystal Reports and our report writing module, we are able to extract data from your payroll information and format into a report of your design, which we can provide to you either in the form of a hard copy, Microsoft Excel file or a PDF document. These reports can either be regularly produced or they can be one-off reports. The flexibility of our systems will ensure that we meet every single one of your reporting needs.

Training & Support Services:

Changing Your Payroll Supplier: With our professional consultancy and over 25 years of experience, we aim to make the transfer as quick and easy for you as possible.

Payroll Outsourcing

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    Quality People

    Quality People With our experienced and knowledgable team, we take pride in taking in tailoring our payroll and auto enrolment solution to fit with your requirements and ensuring a reliable, fast and accurate service

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    Innovative Services

    Innovative Services We use the latest technologies and innovative services to ensure our service to you is of the highest quality whilst remaining timely, efficient and competitively priced.

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    Client Service

    Our business is driven by understanding our clients needs, connecting with you and delivering a hassle free, quality service. Our continuity of service is consistently built upon to create lasting client relationships.

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    Happy Clients

    Our client testamonials are the most important thing we can say about our business, so please do read to find out more about what our clients say about us.

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