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Six Reasons To Go Paperless With Your Payroll: A Wise Decision To Make

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Are you a business owner? You must know how challenging it is to maintain records, including your accounts, salaries, expenses etc.

You need a dedicated system to handle the payroll records for your business. The correct system will help streamline the process and minimise errors, As so many parts of the business is going digital, the payroll system can also provide an online solution. Our payroll solution can provide online payslip and reports.  As well as being GDPR compliant, an online solution saves the environment, as it is paperless saving trees and preserves the eco-balance. So, isn’t it a wise decision to switch to hassle-free payroll service that provides a cost effective yet high quality solution to your payroll requirements. 

Ø   Six reasons to go paperless with your payroll 

It is the goal of every business owner to be successful, and find effective solutions to help develop and grow their business.

WIthout investing in expensive software and extra staffing costs, how can you achieve these results? ! It is extremely simple, outsource elements of your business and use the facilities available from specialist companies to provide support to your business.

dhpayroll, providing payroll services in Richmond, we can help you with your payroll. 

We can provide payslips and reports via our online payroll platform.  Our professionals are equipped to help manage payroll at all levels of business. And guess what? It cost less than investing in systems yourselves.  Our services are cost-effective and secure. What else do you need? Register with us and see your business reaching the skies. A few more reasons make it worth choosing a payroll system. Let us read some below: 

  1. It is convenient– As said, there are many tasks involved in an establishment. It is necessary to ensure their smooth function, and that is why the payroll work can be handed over to the efficient payroll provider.. Having paperless payroll will allow the employees to receive their payslips securely and on time. Payroll companies can schedule this but still keep the control in your hands.. By this, employees will access their payroll information when you want them to.

2. Electronic storage– Going digital brings the advantage of saving human effort in posting and printing. The new payroll portal  can store infinite documents online to access via a computer or mobile device. It helps the business be more organised and accessible to all people 24/7. Say goodbye to all clutter and hassles and worries of GDPR compliance.

3. Employee self-service– We have already seen the convenience of this system, but do you know that the employees can access it? It is online for a reason! Employees can view and print payslips, P60’s and Payroll related documents.  

4. Payroll compliance– Maintaining or navigating payroll systems can get murky. Adopting or hiring a payroll company to calculate deductions, wages and taxes will increase the speed and accuracy of the organisation. Payroll outsourcing lowers the risk of non-compliance. For this, you will have to find an assured and certified company. A good provider will make sure you remain compliant with all aspects of the payroll and can run the  payroll cycle for you, and you will just have to sit back and enjoy their services and on-time payroll.

5.  BACS transfer– dhpayroll are a BACS Bureau and are able to provide a BACS service where we send payments on your behalf to pay your employees, HMRC and any pension or DEO payments due.   This removeds another task from the business, and does not rely on the directors to be available to make payments.

6. Better for the environment– As we discussed earlier, this system saves papers entirely, benefiting the environment. The generation of paper waste is also reduced, which decreases pollution as well. The chances of the payroll data being misplaced are also eliminated because everything is recorded digitally. Would you not like to save yourself from reprinting cost, and the concerns of GPDR and Data security. 

Payroll can be subject to security risks, errors and drawbacks if not carefully set up and managed. All of these needs to be considered before you choose any payroll service. Outsourcing to a specialist bureau can help minimise risks, and provide the business with the best solution to manage their payroll requirements.

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