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Types of Electronic Payslips: Why should you use them?

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Electronic payslips are one of the major advantages you get from payroll outsourcing services. It will truly transform the payroll aspect of your small business. So, without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about electronic payslips and why your small business should use them.

What are ePayslips?

The simplest explanation is that it is a payslip in an electronic format instead of paper. Also known as online payslips, ePayslips carry many advantages for small businesses.
It is one of the great features of payroll software. It makes the entire payroll process electronic and paperless, thus much more accessible for employees.
Payroll services can offer a self-service payslip facility, which is more accessible to employees. It is also a much more secure option for employees to access their payslips.

Different types of electronic payslips

Although it is a simple aspect of outsourcing payroll services, it mainly has three different types.

Emailed PDF Payslips

It is the automated payslip that an employee receives every month with the help of payroll software. Employees can opt for it, or payroll software offers it by default. However, it is not a popular choice of electronic payslips, as it raises many data security concerns. Also, it is a much costlier option than other types of ePayslips.

Portal PDF Payslips

The most popular choice for online payslips, portal PDF payslips, is also the most secure option. It comes with some great features like password protection and secure cloud-based hosting.
Employees can easily access their payslips in PDF format through the HR or payroll portal. It provides better accessibility than other types of payslips.

Digital Payslips

If experts are to believe, this format of payslip will soon replace the PDF format due to its many additional advantages. PDF payslips are a great choice, but they come with their limitations. Also, it is much more user-friendly and accessible.

Why should you use ePayslips for your business?

There are so many great advantages that come with outsourcing payroll services, one of them being electronic payslips
Electronic payslips come with many amazing benefits of their own. From transforming the entire process into a paperless format to providing better accessibility to your employees, ePayslips are a must-have for every small business in 2023.
Online payslips are a more environmentally conscious choice than paper payslips. They offer better security and safety of crucial information and are much more convenient.
If your employees work remotely, it is an ideal way to provide them with their payslips. Online payslips are much more affordable and time-saving than hardcopies of payslips. Let’s remember electronic payslips decrease the workload for your HR department as well.


If you are still using paper payslips, you need to review how an online solution could help your business, saving time and money and providing your employees with the most secure version of their payslips.. Incorporating the latest technology and aspects is very crucial for a small business to stay relevant and provide their employees with better accessibility and ease. It is one of the primary reasons why most businesses are going for outsourced payroll programmes in the first place.

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