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What is re-enrolment?

Every three years employers must put certain staff back into an approved Auto enrolment pension scheme, even if they have previously opted out. This is called re-enrolment.
Re-Enrolment duties must be carried about approximately 3 years after the automatic enrolment staging date, so it is worth checking your date for re-enrolment and planning ahead.

What Do I need to do?

  • Choose your re-enrolment date from within a six-month window, which starts three months before the third anniversary of your automatic enrolment staging date and ends three months after it.
  • On your chosen re-enrolment date, you’ll need to assess certain staff to work out if you need to put them back into your pension scheme.
  • Write to staff to tell them that you’ve put them back into a pension scheme.
  • Complete your re-declaration of Compliance with The Pension Regulator.

Remember that re-enrolment and re-declaration is a legal duty and failing to act may mean you are fined by the Pension Regulator.
Let us help
The team at dhpayroll are experienced in dealing with re-enrolment, and would be happy to manage the entire process for you, from Managing the re-enrolment date, enrolling workers, producing letters and completing the re-declaration. Please contact us for more information.
Contact us
Contact the payroll team by completing the form on our website. Alternatively you can call us on 020 8977 3559 at our Hampton Wick office to speak to an adviser.

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