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HR services

As an employer we do not underestimate the difficulties involved with managing a team and making sure that we offer a safe, secure, and productive environment for all our staff to work.

Many business struggle with HR and especially the complex health and safety regulations, and want help and assistance to make sure that they are providing a safe working environment for their employees and treating all their staff fairly, and in line with all legislation and H&S guidelines.

Managing the paperwork and administration can be time consuming and difficult, so we have looked at what support is available for our clients.

dhpayroll are pleased to announce we have partnered with a well-known HR provider that can offer our clients a range of additional services and solutions to help support their business. Below is a sample of the types of services now available to our clients through our HR partners, and the benefits these may offer.

Online HR Management portal:

  • Online holiday Planner
  • Log of lates and sickness
  • Staff rotas
  • Time of in Lieu
  • Unlimited document storage
  • Health and Wellbeing support for staff
  • Employee and Employer app available for ease of us


Whilst an online HR management portal may not have been something you have previously considered, why not look at the benefits this solution could offer you.

As we all know, there’s more to annual leave than just managing the mayhem—there’s a legal element, too. Almost all workers are legally entitled to 5.6 weeks’ paid holiday a year, so you have to get your holiday calculations right.

The annual leave management software in the HR portal does the maths for you (even those tricky calculations, like when staff join the business halfway through the year). Plus, staff entitlements auto-refresh whenever your new holiday year begins.

So, by signing up to an online HR management portal you can stop wasting time figuring out full-time, part-time or variable hour entitlements and enjoy automatic and accurate staff holiday calculations, which you can be confident are right and in-line with the law.

It also provides a request and authorisation platform for employees and management to use for absences. Staff absence requests can be monitored and approved by a line manager, who will have all the relevant rota data and other staff absence information to hand.

It gives both employer and employees details of annual leave remaining for the current leave year, allowing for easy planning and monitoring.

In addition to the leave, rotas and absences elements of the system, the business can also benefit from the unlimited storage, so HR documents are always safe and secure.

Documents can be made available to all staff (such as employee handbook) or have files and personal documents that are available for employees to view on a personal level (such as employee reviews and personal HR documents)

If an HR portal is not the option you are looking for, or if in addition to the portal you feel that you need extra HR support, and/ or assistance with Health and safety our HR partner can provide a range of support options to run alongside, or instead or an HR portal.

Human resources:

  • Unlimited 24/7 advice line
  • Expert staff contracts and document services
  • Weekly e-learning Webinars
  • Online HR management software
  • Tribunal representation
  • Optional Legal insurance

Discover an easier and safer way to manage staff. You avoid any risk when carrying out HR processes. You avoid the cost of hiring an internal HR team. And you avoid time-draining admin by leaving all your staff paperwork behind and in the hands of experts.   You're free to give your business the time it deserves, knowing that you have all the HR assistance in place for your employees.


Health and Safety Support

  • Unlimited 24/7 health & safety advice
  • Unlimited access to 24-hour HR and health & safety advice
  • Online health & safety software
  • Health & safety policies and documents
  • Annual health & safety reviews and risk assessment support
  • Health & safety e-learning webinars

With our industry leading partner, you get everything you need to protect your staff and keep your business on the right side of health & safety laws. It’s a complete package of workplace health & safety services to reduce your risk and free you from worry.

The best part is it gives you the freedom to spend less time on health & safety and more time making your business a success.

HR and Health and Safety

  • Contracts, documents and policies
  • Unlimited access to 24-hour HR and health & safety advice
  • Online HR management software
  • Online health & safety software
  • Annual health & safety reviews
  • Risk assessment support
  • Crisis and incident support
  • Tribunal representation
  • e-learning webinars
  • Optional legal insurance

Dhpayroll remain dedicated to supporting our clients and helping them to find the solutions that are right for their business With excellent support and the right advise, we feel we, and our selected partners, offer solutions that will provide clients the peace of mind and take away a lot of the admin burden placed on employers. For more information please contact the payroll team on 0203 832 9210.







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