Company Payroll

Our Payroll Services are designed to make life as easy as it can be for you in processing your payroll. We can provide flexiblesolutions for you and the use of online forms to submit data to us can not only make turnaround times super quick, but also eliminate risk of keying errors. Of course our team are highly skilled professionals and our staff are able to focus their time and attention on advising you, dealing with your queries and making sure that everything about our service is first class. And at the same time keeping your payroll costs to a minimum.

Your employees will be happier than ever. Online payslips will mean that they have a historical secure record of their pay history. No more wasting time for the HR department supplying duplicate information! The payslips are also interactive and explain tax codes and other information to the employee. Not only this but a rewards system gives employees access to high street discounts – all this within our highly competitive prices gives exceptional value!

Payroll Outsourcing has never been so simple. Why not free your internal resources to generate income for your business and leave us to take the headache out of payroll!

Autoenrolment is a necessity for all businesses with Employees. Whether you have already staged and need to make sure that matters remain compliant, or need help and guidance on this daunting prospect, our team are here to guide you through the process.

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Cost effective simple pricing

With 1 People in your company, dh Payroll is only £20 per month.

if your payroll is non monthly or you have more than 100 employees please contact us for further information’