The Interative Payslip Platform

The Digital Payslip has arrived!

PayDashboard is a fully interactive payslip platform that integrates with our outsourced payroll service, helping your employees to understand their pay and the opportunities they have to make their money go further.

No more paper copies or emailed PDFs, payslips are stored in an online vault and can be accessed 24/7 on desktop or mobile device.

PayDashboard also comes with an integrated discounts and cashback site PayDashboard Rewards which gives your employees access to savings from over 1000 UK retailers. Click on PayDashboard Rewards to find out more.

Contact us for more information on a new innovative way to provide payslips to your employees.

dh Payroll & PayDashboard

Pay | Dashboard

dh Payroll uses PayDashboard to deliver payslips. PayDashboard is a fully interactive payslip platform that offers employers and employees a digital payslip experience. Employers can access instant intelligent insights to monitor and analyse their company payroll, while employees get access to easy-to-understand financial education about common issues such as tax codes, allowances and common PAYE queries.