Interactivity and digitization at its best! 

Provider payslips to your employees in the easiest way possible with our PayDashboard solution, an interactive, digital payslip platform. Integrate the dashboard with the payroll services provided by dhPayroll and benefit from the convenience it offers. The easy-to-use interface of the dashboard also enables your employees to be more connected with the payroll processing, thus allowing you to ensure transparency at your workplace. 

Eliminate the hassles of keeping track of the payslips manually or through emails as the payslips are automatically stored in digital space that can be accessed from anywhere, at any time.

dhPayroll & PayDashboard


dhPayroll uses PayDashboard to deliver payslips. PayDashboard is a fully interactive payslip platform that offers employers and employees a digital payslip experience. Employers can access instant intelligent insights to monitor and analyse their company payroll, while employees get access to easy-to-understand financial education about common issues such as tax codes, allowances and common PAYE queries.

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Online payslips with PayDashboard | Pay Dashboard


Take a look at the top benefits of online payslips for employers and employees

For Employers

  • Employers get access to a detailed analysis of payroll, which is presented in an easy-to-understand dashboard.
  • Employers don’t have to spend time answering queries or generating payslips. Our PayDashboard enables self-service.
  • As well as payslips, P60’s, P11d’s, P45’s, Pension letters etc can all be stored on PayDashboard by employee, for quick and easy access
  • With PayDashboard, employers can eliminate the risk of misplacing printed materials.
  • GDPR compliant method of storing data
  • It saves a lot of time, which can be used to carry out other important tasks.
  • Removes postage and printing cost of employee payslips and any reprints required, as well as saving time that these processes take.

For Employees

  • Employees don’t have to wait for their payslips to be generated. Online payslips are much quicker than paper copies or PDFs

All other payroll documentation can be stored for each employee, including P60’s, P45’s P11d’s and Pension letters.

  • There is no longer the need to spend time and energy asking for duplicate payroll documents. Employees have easy access to their payroll information, all in one place.
  • Every employee’s payslips and other payroll information is kept confidential. It can only be accessed with a unique login ID.
  • Employees can easily find payslips and payroll history anytime.
  • Payslips can be accessed on smartphones, laptops, tablets and other smart devices.

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