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How to Check If a HMRC Contact is Genuine

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How to Check If a HMRC Contact is Genuine

His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) issue communications in many ways to employers, employees, companies, and individuals.

However, scammers can use fake HMRC letters, emails, and calls to commit fraud.

HMRC are aware of this and published a list of current communication campaigns to help you with the process of payroll outsourcing and allow you to assess if a suspicious email, letter or call is a scam. The list provides details on the communication methods used for each campaign, what information you will be provided with and what information, if any, is requested from you.

If you receive a communication that is not listed, and believe it to be a scam, you can  report it  to HMRC for further investigation.

Communications that request personal information, bank details or state that a ‘refund is due’ etc should always be checked.

In this current climate, fraudsters play on people’s need for a boost to their income, so take extra care.  Don’t get caught out by fraud, a simple check could save a costly error.

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